Thursday, 15 July 2010

Can google's App Inventor be the next big thing?

Well only time will tell.. however in the battle of giants Google seems to be taking the next big step. Yes!! by setting the stage for the launch of its yet another web tool "App Inventor" Google wants to attract common public in to the world of apps development.

Google claim the "App Inventor" is a simple yet powerful tool which can use and manage databases, maps, web sites etcc. It also claim kids and students can develop their own apps.

It's pretty clear that Google is trying to make the whole app development very open, when rivals like Apple are more protective about it.

In the world of open source and its battle with Apple, Google's step doesn't surprise many. When Apple is way ahead of others in the app segment, google had to come up with some thing drastic so there are loads of android apps and app users on the market. So easy thing to do is get more and more people to develop them, but what about the quality? Would the inventor apps come on a par with professional apps? Does it not clog the market with loads of junk?

Well!! google's mantra seems to be make it a fun experience for mobile users. I will tell you what.. in case kids, students and public enjoy the tool and enjoy the whole experience of creating simple apps then its a big win for android phones and android apps!!! more and more android phones/apps and that means bigger market share for Google. God only save the professional app developers then.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Can anyone beat the iPhone?

2, 3 and now 4!!!

Its getting richer and richer in terms of features, performance and style. Its keeping ahead of the race all the time. Yes I am talking about iPhone 4 which is finally out and available from 24th Jun 2010.

Apple started with 2G in 2007, pumped more and more features and finally arrived at iPhone 4 after 3G and 3GS.

Here are the top 8 features in the new iPhone 4.

: New Desgin - "Really thin": 9.3mm thick, 24% thinner than current iPhone. Thinnest smartphone on the planet.

#2: "Retina Display". Dramatically increase pixel density...4x in same amount of space. "Really really sharp text".

#3: Apple A4 chip inside. Designed by Apple's own team, "wonderful to have in an iPhone." Chip is incredibly Small.

#4: Gyroscope. 3-axis for pitch/roll/yaw. Add accelerometer and have 6-axis motion sensing. New CoreMotion APIs.Perfect for gaming.

#5: New camera system. More concerned with better pictures than megapixel stats. 5-mp rear camera with backside illuminated sensor.

#6: iPhone OS 4. Renaming it "iOS 4". Over 1500 new APIs, 100 new user features. Showing off multi-tasking.

#7: iBooks. We are bringing it to the Iphone/ipod with the iPhone 4.

#8: iAds. Why are we doing iAds? For one simple reason: to help our devs earn money so they can continue to create free and low-cost apps for users." As you know, we're trying to combine the emotion of video with the interactivity of the web. ... iAds keep you in your app."

Would this keep Apple ahead of other rivals by at least a year? Oh Yes.. from industry experts.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Getting started - My first blog

Finally!! Well.. that wasn't bad!! Spent couple of hours and here I am with my own and the first blog. I was thinking about this for so long and now wondering why didn't I pick this up long back. Anyway .. atleast have taken a first step here.

What made me to jump into this though? Have to admit, its my interest in apps forced me to have my own space!! yup google calls it "your website" please. We can't keep it blank unfortunately. I guess they are right asking for URL when you are trying to sell some apps to common public. How can you give a better service without a proper website? I have to admit and say NO.

Now what next? I dont know ;-) No jokes apart, will continue to improve upon this and keep writing on various things... yes already can think of various things. My first android app, upgrades, what's in the pipeline, android OS vs iphone OS, android device VS iphone... list will go on. Obviously I need to spend some time on all this, but some encouraging feedback for my first app would definitely help.