Monday, 7 February 2011

Second App - Password Locker

My second app was more of an internal requirement!! Yes was looking for some App where I could store my sensitive passwords securely. No better way than doing it myself and know how secure it is.

With so many websites, bank logins, pins and passwords, its hard to remember every one of them. So its easy if I can lock them up in one place securely with one master key.

The Password Locker App does this!! Its a secure App to store any type of passwords. Also the passwords can be categorised for easy look up. Its a safe, secure and easy way of managing loads of passwords.

The passwords are stored in AES 256 bit encryption with in the database and on exported files. This makes it tough for anybody to decrypt the passwords in case some one manages to get hold of your phone.

For more details please check the URL.


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  2. I can't use the program because it is asking me to enter a master key. I wasn't given the option set one up. Please help me use your app