Thursday, 6 September 2012

The news "Exclusive: Walmart tests iPhone app checkout feature" reminded my demo app for one of the big DIY UK retailer

There was a big news this week in the retail world that Walmart testing iphone app checkout feature.

See the full details here.

This definitely reminded me of the app I did as part of a new checkout scenarios demo for one of big DIY UK retailer.

The new checkout scenario for the retailer included two step process. 

  1. An android app on customer smartphone - by using which customer will scan items as they shop and when they are finally done with the shopping they will just press the finish button on app. This will generate a transaction barcode on the smartphone screen.  
  2. Self checkout paytower terminal - when customer is done with the shopping he will come to the paytower and scan the barcode. This will bring up the transaction and customer will pay for either by card, cash or any other methods on paytower.  

 Though this sounds like a good checkout solution for retailer in terms of customer queue at checkout, staff cost, customer service etc... but question is are all customers tech savy? even for the tech savy customers would they not struggle with the current barcode scanning technology of smartphones i.e. using camera images which is slow to decode the barcodes? and what about the petty issues like smartphone running out of battery, losing network connectivity, handling products with phone in one hand, putting items into the trolley etc... I think only time will tell.

Images of app to follow.

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